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Summoners war rta tier list

Some Nat 5s are even better than the best, and they excel in multiple areas including dungeons, Trial of Ascension, and PvP. Vanessa is a powerful reviver and a much-wanted monster for anyone who is serious about PvP. Vanessa is a Support type monster that is mostly used in PvP arenas but that can provide safety in PvE content as well.

She has a unique passive that revives an ally immediately upon their death and boosts their Attack. She also has two single target attacks.

If her first attack successfully defeats an enemy, her second skill is activated. Her second skill does damage based on enemy Max HP, and it decreases Defense for two turns. He may be an angel, but he has a godlike skill set to support any team in any situation. Velajuel has the cleanse plus immunity buff that every team wants, giving him utility almost anywhere.

Velajuel is a Defense type monster with two attacks in addition to his cleanse combo. His second skill gives Continuous Damage for 3 turns, and both attacks scale off of his Defense.

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Cute but incredibly deadly, Charlotte has the kit to back up your fastest speed teams. Charlotte is an all-around effective monster that is used mostly in PvE but can be brought into PvP. Her first attack can put enemies asleep, which gives her an extra turn.

Shi Hou can take out just about any target with his combination of damage and crowd control. Shi Hou was once underrated as a single target Water nuker, but since his most recent buff he has become a staple as a farmer and in RTA. He is an Attack type monster with three attacking skills, each with its own benefits.

His third attacks a single enemy four times and removes a beneficial effect on critical hits, as well as granting him immunity for two turns and invincibility for one turn. Beware even a new player with Verad; he's easy to build even for players with limited resources. Verad has a single target attack and two AOE attacks. A fast Ganymede is a one way ticket to controlling the field before the enemy has a chance to move. Ganymede is a Support type monster who is known just as well as Verad for being excellent at crowd control.

Perna can carry almost any team to victory with her power and sustainability. This combination of passive effects make Perna unique even among Nat 5 monsters and makes her a key addition to any team, especially in RTA. Perna has two attacks in addition to her passive, both with high damage multipliers. Perna can do huge single-target damage and is excellent for any team where damage is key. Giana has an excellent skill set that allows her to turn around some of the most difficult situations in the game.

She is an Attack type monster with a single target attack, a bomb, and an AOE strip with a potential stun. Her second sets up a two turn bomb as well as Continuous Damage and gives her another turn instantly. Her third is an AOE strip that will stun any monster it strips an effect from, making it perfect for removing immunity and stunning entire teams or waves. Feng Yan is one of the most coveted monsters in Summoners War and one of the best. Feng Yan is a Defense type monster with one attack, a self cleanse plus buff, and a passive.

Feng Yan will outlast an entire team and then bring in the victory due to his power. His second skill removes all harmful effects on him as well as gives him HP recovery and counterattack, and grants his allies HP recovery.

No other monster has the skills and utility that Isis brings to the table on any team. Isis is one of the most unique monsters in the game due to her ability to apply an AOE Oblivion and Silence effect.However, there are some variations to the rules. Duplicate monsters cannot be chosen, nor can players choose the same monsters as their opponent.

Both teams will take turns selecting at team of five monsters, with each player having the opportunity to ban one opposing monster to bring each team down to four monsters.

Like regular arena, players are awarded Victory Points upon victory, and deducted points upon a loss. Accumulated Victory Points will determine each player's ranking. Special rewards separate from regular arena will be handed out based on ranking and grade achieved before the end of each season lasting approximately three months.

Players will also be give Medals for each victory, which can be cashed in at the World Arena Shop. Once each player has their team of five, both will alternate and pick one opposing monster to ban from competing in the upcoming battle. Once this is done, both players will select a Leader Skill. If players let their timer reach zero, the AI will decide their turn automatically, and they will have half the time to decide their next selection.

The timer will continue to halve in this way until a minimum of three seconds. The team selection process is bound by several unique rules. Players may not choose duplicate monsters on their team. Additionally, players may not choose the same monster as their opponent. This means that the player picking first could potentially have an advantage during the teams selection process, as their opponent cannot choose any monsters that were already chosen.

Once team selections have taken place. Whoever defeats all opposing monsters first wins the match.

summoners war rta tier list

Unlike regular Arena, battles are real-time, with players alternating between turns, with turn priority based on total speed of each monster. Since battles are in real-time, each player will have a turn timer dictating how much time they have to decide their turn, with both players possessing 15 seconds. If the turn timer ever reaches zero, the AI will decide the player's turn, and will have approximately half the time to decide their next turn.

The timer will continue to halve in this way until a minimum of three seconds, after which the timer will reset back to 15 seconds. As the battle progresses, special effects will be placed on all monster.


The same effect will apply every 15 turns thereafter, with the effects stacking over time. Additionally, uniquely only to the World Arena, Violent runes can only trigger an additional turn once per turn. Additionally, players will also be matched up according to their most recent winning percentage.Summoners War has a variety of monsters of different grades, and although most of the attention is given to the Nat 5 monsters, Nat 3s can be powerful and effective in their own right.

The best way to get chat salty is to tell them that Rina is a good monster; the debate will never end. Rina is a Support type monster with an attack, a heal, and a passive.

While her use is fairly niche, she excels at what she does and can confound even late game players. Her passive is her selling point. A Rina with 30k or 40k HP could have a shield of up to 10k.

If you brought your Feng Yan to the fight, better hope your opponent doesn't have a Kahli, or they'll take you out in a second. Kahli is an Attack type monster who shines in PvP due to her ignore defense second skill and her team attack buff. She also has a single target attack as her first skill. Her third skill makes her invincible in addition to increasing the Attack Power of her entire team.

Raoq is a powerhouse in PvE and can clear content in seconds when he has the ATK to back up his passive. Raoq is the most offensive of the Inugami and the second most well known after Belladeon. He is an Attack type monster with two single target attacks and a passive. He can dish out serious damage after his Secondary Awakening, and his passive makes him a key monster for PvE activities.

His second skill allows him to team up with two allies to attack. His passive gives him an extra turn each time he kills an enemy and reduces his cooldown time by 1 turn. He's on the recommended starter ToA team for a reason, and that reason is his ridiculously good utility.

Mav is an HP type monster with an excellent skill set that has a variety of moves.

summoners war rta tier list

He has one attack, a provoke with a self heal, and a team buff and cleanse. His third skill removes one beneficial effect from each team member, decreases their cooldowns by one turn, and increases their Attack Speed for two turns. Lyn is the key to many players' sub-minute GB10 times, as she makes short work of the boss. She has three single target attacks, all of which can do significant damage, especially against boss monsters. Her second skill has no extra effects, but her third skill can stun the enemy for one turn.

This just further increases her utility in dungeons. Her base speed is the second highest in the game, coming in after only Spectra at She also has one single target attack and one attack that hits enemies randomly. Her best utility is her ATB boost, but her first skill can also provide utility. Her second skill attacks several enemies randomly.

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You'll see Bernard at every stage and level of gameplay, from starter GB10 teams to Guardian tier cleave comps. He has two attacks as well as an Attack Bar boost with a Speed buff.Login or Sign Up. Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:.

Previous template Next. Where are? Who are? List'em plox. Tags: None. Verad Woosa Ganymede. Comment Post Cancel. Gribel commented. Im Ganymede owner and he's really imba anywhere. I got Woosa recently and he is my game changer. I have 14 nat 5 but I love my woosa. Real Time Arena. Im only in 's so i dont know for higher levels but no one ever bans my tanky, fast, vanpire runed fire MK and often he solos entire teams. Last edited by Dayum2 ;AM. Forosnai, for the proc ready guild and youtube channel is now doing a series on RTA and strategy, I think is pretty accurate an can help you.

Javo commented. This one is more realistic than the one that was floating around here with hathor and Ganymede at the top so ty. Javo sorry to break your illusion but this one was made prior to ganymede buff. Dubah commented. Am I seeing this right?Welcome to the monster list! This page will be updated frequently to include all the monsters in the game! Each tab lists the different element monsters.

If you cannot find a specific monster, use the search bar on the table. We have now separated the rune recommendations to early game level 1- 39 and late game 40 and beyond.

summoners war rta tier list

Also, special thanks to Skeletooon for this as he made it happen. Click on name of the monster and it will take you to the specific monster review page.

summoners war rta tier list

Here is a base explanation for all monster list:. Fire Art Master.

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Water Art Master. Wind Art Master. Light Art Master.

a TIER LIST based on WINRATES??? (Summoners War)

Dark Art Master. Fire String Master. Water String Master. Wind String Master. Light String Master. Dark String Master. Fire Beast Rider. Water Beast Rider. Wind Beast Rider. Light Beast Rider. Dark Beast Rider. Fire Gargoyle. Water Gargoyle. Wind Gargoyle.

Light Gargoyle. Dark Gargoyle. Fire Demon. Water Demon. Wind Demon. Light Demon. Dark Demon. Dark Vampire Lord. Fire Sniper Mk.

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Water Sniper Mk. Wind Sniper Mk. Light Sniper Mk.Since Com2uS will be holding a special 4-star only world arena soon, I thought I'd bring up Fwa's 4-star Tier List, and use it to jump start some discussion regarding which 4-star monsters you guys think will be great or already great for some of the well known ones. Magic Knights: Water is definitely not A tier. Shes slow, and is mostly used by lower end players.

Dark: Dark should be C tier. The dots rarely come into play, and her kit doesnt provide much in RTA besides a hopeful nuke or defense break. Haven't seen Triana used myself, but I can see why she might be useful. She's essentially like Hwadam, except saving an ally comes at no detriment to her whatsoever outside of the skill being on a cooldown. And the fact she instantly gets a turn after saving someone means the effective cooldown on her third is 4 turns max skilled.

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Plus, her heal is decent and includes a cleanse which is important for RTA. Summoners War Sky Arena Wiki. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. ALL POSTS Since Com2uS will be holding a special 4-star only world arena soon, I thought I'd bring up Fwa's 4-star Tier List, and use it to jump start some discussion regarding which 4-star monsters you guys think will be great or already great for some of the well known ones.

Imgur: The magic of the Internet Imgur. Triana: Wind Harp Magician S tier? I havent seen her anywhere. Dice magician dark is good??? Any parts?The highest tier of players in Real Time Arena and other PvP areas have spent years discovering and categorizing the best monsters in the game, especially those that shine in PvP categories.

These monsters are crucial to climbing the ranks of any activity, and especially so in RTA. Here are those monsters ranked. S tier monsters are the best of the best. A tier monsters are typically very close to S tier monsters in their utility and skill sets, especially when it comes to RTA. These monsters could hold their own against monsters of S tier when runed well and put into the right team compositions, but ultimately the S tier outclasses them in PvP on an individual level.

Even then, equal quality runes on S tier monsters will win out. D tier monsters are the most basic monsters in PvP categories and usually have good skills and good damage but are helpless against higher-tier teams unless used in the most ingenious ways.

Summoners War Tier List [Strongest and Weakest Monsters Ranked]

This essentially takes a turn off of her cooldown on her heal and gives that ally an instant turn as well. Giana can be a force of nature if left unchecked, using her third skill to strip a team of their Immunity effects and then stun them as well, leaving them vulnerable to her bomb or other units. Her second skill can give her an extra turn even without Vio procs, cycling her cooldowns as quickly as possible to bring back her moves quickly.

Artamiel is the poster child for Summoners War for a good reason; the synergy of his skillset places him above the rest of monsters. Artamiel has ridiculous power and is incredibly useful in high tier RTA where crits are the norm.

Her third skill has an ATB reduction and two turn sleep combo, which is used to control entire teams and beat them into submission. Ganymede is the king of ATB resets and cooldown refreshes. Although he can no longer reset his own cooldowns, he can still play support to your most important monsters and allow them to get off their most powerful attacks repeatedly while immobilizing the enemy. Tiana is one of the monsters most commonly called a game-changer, and she may be one of the biggest game changers when it comes to PvP.

Tiana can change a battle with just one turn, using her third skill to reset buffs and debuffs and boost her team. Pater has a ridiculous skill set that can turn the tide of a battle in just a turn.

Pater has the all-important AoE cleanse with immunity buff, which comes with a provoke as well. He can also either self cleanse or heal his team automatically depending on his Form. Pater can come in clutch with his passive as well as the skills on his two transformations.

Vanessa is used as a reviver whose passive activates automatically when an ally dies. She is used to revive key units that may die more quickly or be targeted, and she can be a serious threat if not dealt with first.

Vanessa can save key units with her automatic revive, changing the odds of a battle in seconds. Vivachel can be extremely dangerous when paired with an ATB reducer or even just when used at the right moment.

Vivachel's most important skill can destroy the HP of any chosen monster when used at the right moment. Antares is a hidden gem that can quickly ruin the flow of the best RTA teams and give you an advantage. He may not seem like S tier until you have your sequence interrupted by an ugly AOE stun by an Antares runed on Despair.

Immunity is a necessity when encountering Antares. Antares can annoy and disturb the enemy team with the turns and buffs gained from his passive. Josephine is an impressive tank with an even more impressive passive. If she or an ally is under an inability effect, she cleanses herself and applies a shield to all allies.

Josephine's cleanse and shield as well as her counterattack make her a force to be reckoned with. Skip to main content.

Level up. Earn rewards.

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