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Want to know how to choose a Hebrew or Jewish name for your baby? Check out this advice choosing a Hebrew, Jewish or Biblical name. Celebrate Passover with me and my family!

Making my Seder plate, preparing for our Passover Zoom Seder and going on a virtual afikoman hunt with our kids. If you are at home with little ones in quarantine or staying home and practicing social distancing these ideas can help. Recipe for Playdough. Then when it is no longer wet, spoon it onto some wax paper to cool for 30 minutes. Knead with your hands and then you can give it to your kids to play! Store in the refrigerator in an airtight container.

Store in an airtight container in the fridge! Crush chalk and add it for color. They had so much fun splashing around and playing with all the foam!

The easiest ideas are often the best, but they are not always the easiest to think of!

Ultimate List of 100+ Mom Bloggers Names and Ideas

You can also sign up link in my bio! There is lots of information and helpful tips for planning and hosting a Passover Seder! We love getting our PJ Library books in the mail every month — and we love when they include additional surprises! Hanukkah is almost here, find ideas and inspiration to help you celebrate!

Check out how a real Jewish mom celebrates Jewish holidays! From Shabbat to Shavuot and everything in between! I am a writer and content creator for the one of the first and most popular YouTube channels about being a Jewish mom.

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By: Jessica Farrar. Have you ever wanted something so badly yet you had no idea how much you wanted it?! Friday, May 17, Chapter 1 AM. Writing has always been something I have loved. It is my outlet, and gives me a way to express my thoughts and my feelings in an organized and rational way.

Hey There!

You can find me journaling and blogging often as I find it therapeutic. Everyone needs an outlet, and everyone has hobbies that they enjoy. Writing just happens to be one of those things for me. So, when I look ahead to my future Basically I am saying that when I grow up, I want to be a writer!

For those who follow me on Facebook, many are aware that I have been writing a book. I write chapters here and there when the mood strikes me, but I want to complete it. I want to publish it. I want to be able to call myself a legitimate writer, and claim writing as my career.

I have sent the unedited draft of my book in the works to 3 people.

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These 3 people were not only people I respect and value the opinions of, but people I felt would be supportive, but also honest about what they read.

The feedback was better than I expected, and also showed that I have some work left to do. As another very chaotic season with Hallmark is coming to an end, and we are rolling into the easier months of summer with my job, I find myself back in that writing space. Do I complete this project? Do I write about something else and just start new? Do I actually attempt to pursue this and set some goals for myself? I thought that the best way to answer some of these questions, is by releasing a sample of my writing right here in my blog.

So, here goes nothing!View all Submit Blog Do you want more traffic, leads, and sales? Submit your blog below if you want to grow your traffic and revenue.

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Submit Your Blog. The award-winning blog covers fashion, beauty, design, food and parenting.

mommy life blog

Joanna writes honest personal stories about relationships and motherhood, as well as featuring home makeovers, hair tutorials and weekly recipes. About Blog Becky is an author of the blog Clean Mama. CleanMama is home cleaning expert. Follow along for easy to implement tips and tricks for your home. A blog by Gabrielle Blair, a designer and mother of six. Fabulous Mom Blog is my way of connecting with and helping other moms. I'm Shay!

I'm cookbook author, lifestyle blogger, travel agency owner wife and mama who loves making every day special for my family. Toronto, Ontario, Canada About Blog Happy Grey Lucky by Sina who is a minimalist loving mom of two shares bits and pieces of her life in Toronto with her husband and two small kids. Texas, United States About Blog This blog is filled with reviews, swatches and tips about beauty products, makeup and skincare to innovative tools and tricks.

This blog is here to record the highlights of my little family's life so I will have lots of wonderful memories to look back on when I can't remember much. My blog covers about motherhood by exploring all areas of life.

Working Mom Blogs

Our tips and tricks help the large community to do more in less time so they can spend time enjoying happy, healthy families. Living simply, raising bilingual babies, and helping people make money blogging.

Carlsbad, California, United States About Blog Jenns Blah Blah Blog is a lifestyle blog that focuses on food trends, creating recipes, diy projects, fun crafts, parenting, daily life, frugal living, beauty, fashion, and other great tips and tricks to help you in your daily life. I began this blog to connect with other like-minded women and to offer support during one of the toughest, yet most fulfilling times.

Facebook fans 6.

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Colorado, United States About Blog I created this website to help change the stigma that comes with cannabis use. I want to show the world that cannabis users are just people.Photo credit: Dorie Howell Photography. I used to spend my days as an agency recruiter for creative types and then spent several years in corporate recruiting. InI traded in my resume reading skills to pursue my passion: writing. Right here on my blog for the whole world to read. I am a year old wife and mother of two young children.

You can — I am living proof that it is possible. I take medication and have regular appointments with my psychiatrist and therapist because these are my responsibilities to myself and my family. My incredible support system helps me to live fully and I attribute a great deal of my success to their encouragement over the years. Writing openly about living with mental illness inspired me to co-found a non-profit called This Is My Brave, Inc.

This blog is my way of recording my progress, of keeping myself accountable and healthy for me and my family. My goal is to eventually publish a memoir, and I am taking steps towards becoming a more polished writer.

Along the way on this writing journey I hope to help fight stigma and inspire other young people who are struggling with the same feelings, fears, and insecurities I was at one point. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. You just need to keep fighting hard to get there.

Bipolar Mom Life Writing my way through living with mental illness. Photo credit: Shoot Photo Inc. Dx Bipolar 1 in Freelance writer. Mental Health Advocate. Standing up to stigma by blogging my way through living with mental illness. Instagramming Life. My fashion go-to. I belong. I sell essential oils! Contact me for more info! Return to top of page.Submit your blog below if you want to grow your traffic and revenue. Submit Your Blog. About Blog The Scary Mommy Community is a place to find support and camaraderie with amazing moms who love to help one another.

We are scattered all around the world, of all different colors and sizes and lifestyles, united by a single thing: Motherhood. Australia About Blog Stay at Home Mum is the ultimate guide for real mums, the perfect, the imperfect, the facts It provides frugal money saving ideas with some great tips and hints on cooking, cleaning, parenting etc with a fun and lighthearted twist.

United States About Blog Where moms and people who love them go to change the world! Together we can build a nation where children, parents, and businesses thrive; and end discrimination against mothers. United States About Blog Working Mother is a national magazine committed to helping moms balance their personal and professional lives.


A dedicated champion of culture change, Working Mother is the largest multimedia company in the country focused on diversity and the advancement of women.

Tampa, Florida, United States About Blog About a Mom is a resource for moms with ideas for family fun, crafts, family travel, recipes and more. Chicago, Illinois, United States About Blog The healthy moms magazine is dedicated to educating busy moms on how to make simple lifestyle changes to take care of their whole self, mind, body and spirit. About Blog Embracing parenthood one day at a time. Blog moderndaymoms. Oklahoma, United States About Blog Mom Spark, created by blogger Amy Bellgardt inis a trendy blog for moms that includes articles on Parenting, food, fashion, travel, diy, decor and more.

Rookie Moms is an indispensible blog for parents, updated regularly with creative ideas for activities that will help you get out of the house and have more fun -- with baby in tow. She loves coffee, books, music, cooking, DIY, people, photography, life and collecting smiles.

Twitter followers 4. BangaloreKarnatakaIndia About Blog Tales of a mother's journey with her child ; Fact and fiction, introspection and inspiration, love and learning. As the name 'Diary of a Doting Mom' suggests, this blog is a diary of my thoughts on my parenting journey as I raise my daughter.

mommy life blog

My mission is to empower women to find flexible work arrangements that fit their family values. Also to help other working moms build their own online businesses so that they can achieve the ultimate flexibility in their careers on their own terms!Get the Blog Course for free!

Or even finding a friend?

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From time management to lifestyle to traveling. Enjoy following and exploring the great blogs, and then start your own. Nervous to start a blog? Here are tips and tricks for time management as a mom using common Post It notes! And here are resources that will help you grow your blog quickly.

Grab a cup of coffee, go hide for a minute, and read more:. How to come up with a blog name. How to choose your blog niche — that makes money! Mom Group Names Of course, as you go through this list of mom blog names, keep in mind, many of these can be used in your real life mom life too! Have a momsquad that needs a catchy and creative name? I want it please! Need more help on managing your time as a mom? Leave a comment below and let me know what the name of your blog is and how you came up with it!

How to make money from day one. What and when to write blog posts. How to grow your email list to thousands. The essential tools free and paid that I use. How to find your blog niche and name. Subscribe to my blogging hacks newsletter and get access to all of my secrets in this free course!

I just want to thank you so much for all of your help in laying out a step by step plan that I was able to follow. She is truly an inspiration and she definetaly knows the ins and outs of the blogging world! Like I seriously cannot even believe that!!! I just took my instagram name and used it for a blog out of desperation. Names are so hard. What an amazing list! I called my blog Tired Mom Supermom because I am just that…always tired, but always trying to be super mommy to my kids.

S My apologies for getting off-topic but I had to ask! I use wordpress. I appreciate, cause I found just what I was looking for. You have ended my four day long hunt!By Mackenzie Dawson.

There are 4. Some of them make as much as they would at a traditional job outside the home.

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This is the world that Josi Denisea year-old pregnant mother of three, inhabited until May Denise started blogging in She was 24 and married with two young children, living in Miami Beach, Fla.

She was working 60 to 70 hours a week when the relative who watched her kids had to move away suddenly, and Denise was faced with a decision: Keep working and put her children, then ages 1 and 4, in day care 10 hours a day, or quit her job?

She opted for the latter, putting her career on hold to stay home until the kids were a little older. But Denise quickly realized that she was bored and restless.

This was right around the time Instagram was getting popular, and she had been occasionally sharing recipes and anecdotes to good response. At first, Denise was excited — other mom bloggers were encouraging, and it was thrilling that she could possibly create a career. In the beginning, starting a blog is inexpensive. If I wanted to make money — and I did — it was all going to be a sponsor game.

There are companies that act as the middleman between brands and bloggers and they post sponsorship opportunities — a k a shopportunities.

To prove herself, a blogger might do a few posts for free, writing about a product she already has and uses. If this attracts notice from the brand managers, it could lead to a few paid posts.

Since Denise had already been working in marketing, she knew how to play the game. Soon, she had her pick of brands.

mommy life blog

Those numbers are crucial for bloggers to land more paid gigs, but her chirpiness on her blog was in stark contrast to her own unhappy marriage. Still, Denise had a huge following: 50, unique page views per month on her site. We did it a month ago so the content would be ready. Her children were mostly good-natured about all the photos she took, but that in itself began to concern her.

And then there was the free stuff. One agency coordinates the bloggers, and the amenities are taken care of by sponsors. With such trips, there is generally no contract or promise made to write about the event — the expectation was unspoken. But she spent the sponsored two-day trip wondering why she was there. Feeling out of place, Denise skipped the rest of the planned events and watched the rocket launch alone on the beach that night, no credential badge required.

She started to plan family time around paid posts. It all took away from real time with my kids.

mommy life blog

These kinds of dual sponsorship opportunities were common. Still, that leaves no time to live your life. Something had to give.

It was and Denise had just had her third child. Suffering from postpartum depression, she had a prescription for anti-anxiety meds, a first for her. She was overwhelmed, and starting to go through a divorce. She started a relationship with the man who has been her best friend since she was For the first six months or so after moving to Indiana, Denise put off blogging. She stalled when responding to paid sponsorship requests.

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She published a total of three blog posts inand did only a handful of paid social-media campaigns. She has no regrets about the post.

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