Category: Biggest tires on stock 2018 ram 2500

Biggest tires on stock 2018 ram 2500

Your RAM was manufactured with different tire sizes. To determine the best tire size for your specific RAMwe first need to determine your rim size. Please review the information below. Check your existing tires. Your RAM 's rim size is the number to the right of the R. In the example pictured here, the tire size fits inch rims. There are multiple tire sizes for your RAM that depend upon the trim level. Look for your trim level below to get a color-coded explanation of your tire size. Then pick the best tire size for your RAM A color-coded explanation of the RAM 's tire size is shown below.

In this case, the sidewall height works out to be millimeters. This letter denotes how your tire was constructed. The mark of E denotes your tire's load range, or ply rating. A load range of E means that the tire has a ply rating of Letters further along in the alphabet represent stronger tires that can sustain higher inflation pressures.

Tires with higher inflation pressures can carry heavier loads. This tire has a load index ofwhich means it's capable of carrying a load of pounds kg or less.

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A higher number means the tire can carry more weight. A lower number means the opposite. A higher speed becomes dangerous. The mark of D denotes your tire's load range, or ply rating. A load range of D means that the tire has a ply rating of 8.

Max tire size on stock 2500

Your RAM was manufactured with multiple tire sizes. Choose a tire size below to get a color-coded explanation of the differences. The original tire size for your RAM is listed below.

Tap on the box to view a color-coded explanation of your RAM 's' tire size. How to Determine Rim Size Check your existing tires.With so many options and tires to choose from, it can be a hard decision to find just the right tires for your truck.

One of the biggest factors when making that decision is the tire size. If you are considering getting new tires in a different size there are a couple things to keep in mind. Inside you will find helpful information on your vehicles tires as well as the effects on load capacity and gas mileage.

There are several things that factor into the size of your tire. The first is the size of your truck. A Chevy S is not going to be able to accommodate the same size tires as a Dodge Ram. Also the style and size of your truck rims will effect the maximum size tires you can put on your vehicle.

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As with most things it is best to consult an expert before you make any purchases. They can advise you about what your specific vehicle can handle so that you can be safe out there on the road. I apologize for the delayed response.

What problems might I encounter? Have a Crew Chevy HD. How big can I go on the tires without a lift? I have a Ford Ranger 3. I have a Suburban z If you are using your existing rims then their size will need to be taken into account — contact us for help. Good video explaining the basics.

biggest tires on stock 2018 ram 2500

Our website is built to offer you the rims and wheels that fit your vehicle without rubbing or modification and without you having to use a tape measure and guessing.

My choices of rims are a little limited as I am looking for a plain matte black wheel — I am trying to fill-out the wheel wells without the monster truck look…. What vehicle do you own? It depends, due to offsets, fenders, brakes, etc. Our handy, dandy vehicle search system will point you in the right direction.

Depends on the offset of the heels, the size and make and model of tire, and just the truck itself. We can usually give you a safe size if you want to go wider to taller. What is the year, make and model of your truck?

Biggest Tires on Stock 4x4 Suspension

Is there any particular reason behind this besides dealers trying to push off what they have as opposed to what is requested? If you go larger you can, but we will not guarantee fitment. I have a Nissan frontier crew cab EX model. Not without modification. Can I put on 18 inch wheels and tires,without any problems?Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts.

Email Subscription. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Filters Search. New posts. Search forums. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Max tire size on stock ERK Member. Messages 6 Reaction score 4 Points 3. Anyone put larger tires on a stock ? Stock rims or aftermarket? How big did you go? Any rubbing?

Gonna be the same as the 4th gen HD's, might wanna check out that section, or the HD rams forum too. Will check there. ERK said:. Messages Reaction score Points Anyone know? Site Supporter. COM Our sister site.

You will get much more HD help there. This really depends on what you are using the truck for and really is only limited by the front tires.

I would guess right about would be the max.

biggest tires on stock 2018 ram 2500

If you stay on pavement you can go to the big side And then, there is, the sawsall. Good luck.

2018 RAM 2500 Tire Size

Quote from the internet. Thanks for the replies.Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Email Subscription. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Filters Search.

New posts. Search forums. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Biggest Tires on Stock 4x4 Suspension.

Thread starter CaliTex Start date May 20, CaliTex Active Member. It would be great to see what oversize tires people are putting on the new s with stock or off-road suspension. BZ23 Active Member. I ordered a Laramie crew cab 4 x 4 black appearance package and spoke to a dealer at Discount Tire who says 33 by They are installing those tires on a set of fuel rims 20 by 9 before I pick up the truck.

I will be reporting how they fit as soon as I get it which I hope to be soon. Also I ordered the truck with the 22 inch rims in hopes that the dealer will give me a better credit for trade in. If not I'm keeping them and looking to sell to recoup some of the money. I also figured the twenty two's would possibly give me more clearance even if not part of the spec sheet but also to help with the calibration with the change to a smaller Rim but larger Tire. There's a few other threads in this forum that talk about wheel sizes and I feel comfortable that the 33s will fit.

BZ23 said:. Discount Tire says no because of the offset on that wheel, pushes it out enough to avoid spacing. Its awesome. Messages 1, Reaction score Points I'm curious myself. Will do a leveling kit at some point.

biggest tires on stock 2018 ram 2500

CaliTex said:. Just wondering -- what trim truck? Messages Reaction score Points Hi guys just put tires on my stock limited 4x4 and they fit good but do rub a little when really turning the wheel in a lot.

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Rob Member. Messages 15 Reaction score 31 Points 3 Location California. Last edited: Aug 25, Pnorth Active Member.

Messages Reaction score 94 Points 28 Location Sweden.For one thing not all brands and types of tires are exactly the same diameter and width even if they are called out as the same size tire.

biggest tires on stock 2018 ram 2500

Wheel backspacing has a great deal to do with this equation as well. Your best strategy is check out as many resources as possible before making that decision. Those may include the tire manufacturer, vehicle manufacturer, tire shops with a long history of mounting wheel and tire combinations on trucks, and as we have found lately, specific make and model forums.

While searching for information such as this, we came across some the experiences one truck owner chronicled on the Cummins Forum that we thought would be educational for a number of Diesel Army readers.

2018 RAM 2500 Tire Size

As you can see from the photos, he was able to mount up inch tires. The driver side just barely touches. Stay tuned to Diesel Army for the latest news, events, and tech in the diesel world, and more tips on tires!

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If you have more tire fitment tips to pass along to Diesel Army readers, feel free to share that information in the Comments section below. We will safeguard your e-mail and only send content you request. We promise not to use your email address for anything but exclusive updates from the Power Automedia Network. About Us Sponsors Advertising. Diesels Around The World: Volkswagen. Latest News. Tech Stories. Buyer Guides. More Stories. Enlist in the Diesel Army newsletter. Subscribe Now.

Diesel Army. We'll send you the most exciting Diesel articles, news, truck features, and videos every week. We think you might like Diesel Army Thank you for your subscription. No thanks. Off road, Jeeps, 4x4s. Engine Tech. Drag Racing.Heads up! Highlighted items are for OEM wheels, the rest are replacement options. Found a bug? Have a question about Ram wheel specs?

Share your knowledge! We are incredibly happy to announce that the new Wheel Size app is now available in the Google Play Store! Wheel Fitment for any car, your search history, news about professional tire tests — all in one app. Use our database with daily updates on your website. The widget is easy to use, it has a user-friendly interface and powerful Widget API!

Please take a look at the Demo to see it in action. Install our widget on your website! Wheel- Size. Wheel fitment and tire size guide and knowledge base Last Update: April 18,p. Search Form for vehicle model, tire size or rims Choose a tab below to get fitment data for your vehicle or to find vehicles matching your criteria. By vehicle what wheels will fit your car By tire size what vehicles use this tire size By rim size what vehicles use this rim size Add Wheel Size Widget to your website New!

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Search by car make, year and model. Wheel Size Widget for your website! Search by rim size Specify values for fields below to find matching vehicles: Rim Diameter 10 12 13 14 15 16 Ram 5. It is measured in millimeters. Some factory wheels have a center bore that matches exactly with the hub to reduce vibration by keeping the wheel centered.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Tire and wheel fitment info. When it comes to clearing larger tires, especially at the " lift height, choosing the correct wheel offset is the most critical factor. Here we'll give you a guide on what we prefer.

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Yes, there are always people who can claim to fit mm offset wheels, with 35" tires on a 2" leveling kit, and claim no rub. These trucks must be mostly street rigs with limited suspension travel, and never driven to potential. Our goal here is to keep you happy with your truck, make your truck capable of working hard, reduce wear on components, and keep it handling great.

Lift height, under 4" of lift, does nothing for tire clearance. On these Dodge trucks, regarding the most common " of lift range, lift height does not make you clear tires better. The truck will clear the same tires and wheels stock height, as it does with 3" of lift. We say this because stock height AND properly lifted to 3", the suspension still bottoms out at the same spot.

This is what matters. We are building high end suspension, made to be active, and run hard if you want! We are not going to mandate you slowly creep into driveways, so your tires don't rub.

We build and design for zero tire rub, even bottomed out, at high speeds, driving hard! Measuring wheels using offset, and the advantage to using this method. Wheel offset is the best way to spec and measure wheels. This gives you the exact placement of the tire tread, no matter how wide the wheel is. The definition of offset is referencing the mounting flange placement where the wheel bolts to the axle, in relation to the centerline of the wheel where the tire mounts between the beads, and then how far the main wheel is offset in or out from the mounting flange.

Backspace measuring, and the problems with it. Backspacing is a terrible confusing way to spec a wheel. Not sure why wheel manufacturers ever started this. If you put a wheel down on a bench, outside of wheel facing up, and then measure from the table up to the mount flange, this is the wheels backspacing measurement.

Notice it's from the table? So, this measurement also includes the thickness of the tire bead mounting lip. Then, this is only referencing the backside of the wheel! If you have an 8" wheel with 5" backspacing, and a 10" wheel with the same 5" backspacing spec, the tire placement is WAY different comparing the two. Backspacing is tough to nail down, so be VERY careful with this. Normal easy trimming, for more tire clearance.

More often than not, some of the metal rocker-seam behind it, too. You generally need to remove the bottom 4" of the backside of the fender liner. The best way to get it done is make sure the plastic is warm, mark your cut line, check behind for wires so you don't slice them, and with leather gloves and a sharp utility knife, start the cut.

Iron Ram Adventures: 2019 Ram 2500, 35" TIRES & 20"WHEELS!

Pull the plastic being removed with one hand to help make the cut easier. If you need to trim the metal behind it, a Sawzall with a long fine tooth blade makes quick work of the area. A little touch up paint, and you are all good.

All the below fitment info will assume you are willing to do this trimming, as we consider this normal easy stuff. This gives the best balance between keeping the tires from rubbing, on the control arms and the fenders. This gives the best balance between keeping the tires from rubbing, on the radius arms, and the fenders. These trucks clear tires stock better than the pre platform.

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