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5d vs 8d light bar

If you are an avid off road enthusiast and have been considering purchasing a shiny new set of off road LED lights or an LED light bar or two, you have probably heard of the latest technological innovations and upgrades in the different types of cutting edge optics, mirrors, and lenses that are now being used in the newer off-road LED lighting systems; a.

As most of us already know, off-road LED Lights are comprised of basically LED chip sets assembled in a specific configuration, that utilizes optics, reflectors, and lenses to either enhance or alter the beam of light coming from the off-road LED lighting unit. Different lights for different applications in essence.

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These classic off-road LED bars utilize a high powered LED chip, high tech internal circuitry and technical components, and mirror finish reflectors to pierce the dark night in front of your vehicle so you can see safely while tearing around the trails at night.

The growing in popularity 4d LED light bars are quite a bit of a different breed in terms of internal components. One apparent downside to the up and coming 4d LED light bars is that they do not work the greatest if the light bar is purchased in a stand alone flood light beam configuration.

Some of the differences that the 5d led bars implement are basically additional reflectors and optics that work hand in hand with the actual LED. Most 6D LED light bars utilize an innovative design that incorporates a series of different lenses, optics, reflectors, a hexagon lens contour, an anti-glare hoods to prevent light from improperly escaping the unit, automatic on and off sensors, etc. Basically the off-road 6d LED bars incorporate a mix of several fish eyed Spot LED units that can project a beam of extremely focused light along with the Flood LED units pushing a much wider and taller beam pattern D-shaped projector lens that creates a large bright cloud of extremely intense, blindingly bright light.

Now that you have some what of an understanding on the different types of off-road LED lights available, please click here to shop our wide selection of premium grade off-road LED light bars. In this article we cover the different types of off-road lighting systems currently available for purchase on the open market. Off-road Light Beam Patterns — This is the 3rd article in our series on automotive and off-road lights that deals with explaining the different types of light beam patterns used within the different types of off-road LED lighting systems.

Stay tuned for our next article on the different types of off-road LED light bar ratings…. Nox Lux, a cutting edge supplier of high tech, performance grade, on and off-road LED lighting systems and auto accessories, is a premier provider for the Automotive, Off Road, Maritime, Agricultural, Commercial, and Industrial markets. Precision engineered products, meticulously hand-crafted to the highest of manufacturing standards, built with the latest state of the art technologies, materials, and components.

Follow Us! As with most other industries, especially in the retail world,…. Our selection of premium grade, hand crafted 4 inch LED light bars are just another perfect example of…. Nox Lux provides one of the best, brightest, and most affordable off-road LED light bars currently available on the market.

We pride ourselves on not only standing behind our premium, professional grade, handcrafted 6 inch LED…. Lost Password? Create Account. Your name. Your message - We will respond to your offer within 48 hours. Send a copy to your email. Sign In Login Form.

Now that you have some what of an understanding on the different types of off-road LED lights available, please click here to shop our wide selection of premium grade off-road LED light bars Make sure to check out our other articles in our series about automotive, auxiliary, and off-road lighting systems- The History of Automobile and Off-road Lights — This is the first article of the series of Share Post.One of the best modifications you can install on your truck or car is an LED light bar.

Not only do they look fantastic but they light up the road at night, making it much safer to drive on roads without street lights or out in the desert. The great thing about LED light bars is that they come in many different sizes and forms. The variety of various forms means that an LED light bar can be easily mounted anywhere on your vehicle. This guide is fairly long so you can jump to different sections here:. They pack a ton of power into tiny packages.

These pods also give you more options for mounting locations and how you have them angled. Some of the lights listed below also have DOT approved variants which you can legally use as fog lights on the street! One of the problems that can occur with LED lighting, is not having enough lighting going to the side of the trail. These LED light pods are great because of their unique design.

Not only do they feature normal forward facing LEDs, but also diagonal facing LEDs to help illuminate the sides of the trail. Although these light pods are a little pricey, their innovative design is completely worth it. Just like every other Rigid Industries product out there, these are built to the tough possible standards with waterproof, dust proof and shock proofing.

5d vs 8d light bar

Coming in on our 2 spot is Baja Designs. These light pods are fully waterproof, dust proof, and a lifetime warranty covers them. In our 3 spot is another Rigid Industries product.

2020 Top 8 Best 50 Inch Curved Light Bars

Rigid offers a few different kinds of LED light pods, but the Midnight edition is the best looking. Other than being blacked out, there is nothing special about these pods. Just like pretty much every other Rigid Industries product, these little light pods are fully waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof.

The lights output 1, lumens in a full spot beam pattern at 16W. Overall we think these are the best high quality LED light pods for the money. If you need pods for a street-legal specific application, Rigid Industries has a variant of the D2 that can help you out.

This design creates an X shaped pattern, hence the name X5. These light pods are IP67 water resistant and dust resistant. They output a claimed 2, lumens at 25W thanks to the 5th LED diode in the middle. We have personally used Auxbeam lights on our vehicles in the past and we know their product line pretty well.

Bulkiness aside, they are tough and put out a pretty good amount of light, especially for how cheap they are. Auxbeam claims these pods are IP67 water and dust resistant, but who knows how accurate that claim is.

Light output is rated at 1, lumens, but this is likely an estimated number, with the real number probably closer to 1, lumens. The reason for this is the decently sized projectors which make all the difference.In this side-by-side product review we lead you through choosing the best LED light bar for your specific needs and vehicle requirements.

These are the top-rated brightest, powerful LED lights that will illuminate ahead, or behind, your vehicle. What is the best LED light bar? All of this brightness comes through a combination light system, giving you both flood lights and a spot light at the same time.

The bulbs are well protected with an IP68 rating. Officially, this means it is dust resistant and can be immersed in 1. However, in practice, all it means is that you have a very durable structure. Added to this, you have a tough-as-nails aluminum casing, so it can handle being dropped or take a low-hanging tree branch with ease. The quality wiring means you get more brightness for your buck while generating less heat. This is enhanced by the thin, yet dense heat sinks and heat conduction silicone gel.

All points considered, it is a quality, reliable light that is well worth the slightly inflated cost. However, like the previous model, the Nilight light bar provides a combination of a spot light and a flood light so it is suitable for a wide variety of uses.

The Definitive 4D Vs 5D Lense Comparison

With a rating of IP67, it will be dust proof, but can only be immersed in one meter of water for 30 minutes, as opposed to the IP68 one and a half meters. The silicone gel heat dissipation is very effective, drawing away the heat of the bulbs and increasing their life. It also has very strong attachment points, so it can survive quite a lot of rough and tumble. The lower power and lumens results in a lower price.

At just over 50 dollars, this 22 inch light bar is great value for money, and is extremely well rated by users. Nilight also offer the same model in the following popular formats: 21 inch watt 32 inch triple row 41 inch W light watt combo beam 54 inch combo light bar straight. The build quality of the Nilight 20 inch watt is similar to the more powerful model, with an IP67 rating.

Although it has a slightly lower rating, it is still highly resistant to the elements, with an effective waterproof design. It also comes with a rotational mounting bracket, which lets you change the angle of your beam. Once the bracket it attached, you can simply slide the light itself on and off. Nilight produced their own eerie video showing just how tough it is. I was surprised at how bright this light was out of the box and it is more than enough for standard use.

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Nilight also offer the same model in the following popular formats: 50 inch curved light bar 2 36 watt flood lights 2 watt lights. In terms of build quality, it has thickened die cast aluminum heat sinks that enhance cooling, which helps with the longevity of the light bar. This gives you good waterproofing, and it is dust and shock proof. The integrated rugged breather expels any built up moisture from the inside of the bar, keeping your light as clear as possible.

5d vs 8d light bar

One good reason for this is the technology used in the bulbs. The innovative 5D design uses fish eye lenses and reflectors to project light as far a distance as possible, while illuminating your immediate surroundings too.

Compared to other lenses, the Auxbeam 5D technology has the dual advantage of lighting the road more evenly and providing a wider light beam.

2020 Best LED Light Bars for Sale for Truck, Jeep, and UTV

While all of the other LED light bars on this list use a combination of a spot light and a flood light, the Auxbeam is the only one which comes with two buttons, allowing you to switch between the two modes. With a swing of around 45 degrees, you can change the direction of your light beam. This comes in very useful for lighting up work spaces that can be at different heights. All points considered, this is maybe the most technologically forward light bar on this list, if not the brightest.

They are hugely popular for off-road drivers and home mechanics alike.One of the best modifications you can do to your truck, car, tractor, motorcycle, UTV, or anything else with wheels is to install an LED light bar.

The entire purpose of an LED light bar is to see more at night time. If you are off-roading at high speed, the ability between seeing and not seeing can be life or death. The most popular LED light bar size out there is the 50 inch curved. This size will fit almost any truck or SUV out there and the curved design matches almost every windshield curved out there. In this short guide, we will cover the best 50 inch light bars from most expensive to least expensive.

We only recommend products we would buy ourselves. Baja Designs has long been a leader in the LED light bar industry.

5d vs 8d light bar

The tight beam pattern is part of the reason they use a single row design. You are getting a super high-quality product that uses innovative technology, but not everyone can afford it.

This light bar from Baja Designs outputs an insane 32, lumens at watts. Plus, if you can somehow break it there is a lifetime warranty backing it up! Rigid Industries has deep and focused projectors, but not as much as Baja Designs. We picked the midnight edition because of its awesome blacked-out design. This 50 inch RDS from Rigid Industries outputs an impressive 26, lumens at W which is about 6, lumens less than the Baja Designs light bar listed above.

This light bar is also water, dust, and shockproof. It also has a lifetime warranty if you break it. KC HiLites has been around for a long time. What makes this LED light bar so special is its modular design.

You can even stack them vertically to make a double, triple, or quadruple stacked light array! This is useful if you want a bigger, smaller, taller, or shorter light bar array. KC HiLites uses deep projectors on this light bar which allows them to project the light very far down the trail. They also offer amber covers if you plan on driving in lots of dust since amber light cuts through dust much better than white light. With this innovative design comes a high price, but if you want a nice modular setup, this is the only way to go.

Getting into the budget-oriented products we have the 50 inch Black Series from Rough Country.

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Although Rough Country is most known for their budget suspension lift kits, they make halfway decent LED light bars. Their products are an excellent balance between innovation, quality, and price. We picked the Black Series because of its awesome looks, but they offer this exact light bar in a standard Chrome Series. Since this product is budget oriented, it lacks any real innovation. It does, however, output a respectable 23, lumens at watts.

Rough Country backs this light bar up with their three-year warranty.

The 5 Best LED Light Bars – [2020 Reviews]

Fifth on our list is another product from Rough Country. Since they offer products at a superb price to quality ratio, we felt it was worth mentioning their more innovative line of light bars. The X5 series uses a third row of LEDs in between the standard two rows.

This allows them to have a much higher lumen count at the cost of smaller projectors. The X5 series could be much better if Rough Country increased the height of the light bar to allow larger projectors. That third row of LEDs bumps the lumen count up to 25, lumens at watts.

They cover this light bar by the same three-year warranty as the one listed above. Auxbeam is becoming the biggest name is the Chinese LED light bar industry, and for good reason.Forums New posts Search forums.

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Jul 29, Last edited by a moderator: Jul 29, JaneB Jul 29, Define the Problem D3. Implement Permanent Corrective Action s D7. Action s to Prevent Re-Occurrence D8.

5d vs 8d light bar

But my supr. To me, i will agree with qusys The procedure only mentions one report that is 5D. My concern is will I face any problem in future especially during audits? Beside "add-in" 8D as an option, should I amend anything on the procedure? Please review attachment. Were gonna arrange Internal audit this coming sept and ISO audit is soon after that. Duke Okes Jul 29, There's nothing wrong with using multiple models, but as some have pointed out, people need to know which to use when.

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